Trane XL950 ComfortLink™ II Thermostat
High Definition Programmable

A new way to track, control and conserve your energy use.

Imagine a thermostat that keeps you perfectly comfortable inside, lets you know how to dress for going outside, all while helping manage your home's energy-efficiency in the process. The Trane ComfortLink II Thermostat is an easy-to-use planning center that puts your comfort literally at your fingertips. It's the product that Popular Mechanics dubbed one of "The Year's Most Transformative Products," awarding it their 2010 Breakthrough Award.

Key Features

ComfortLink II is more than a thermostat. It's an easy-to-use advanced command center that provides a seamless interface between your system and your life.

  • 7-inch color display
  • Intuitive user interface with communicating capability
  • Room-by-room control
  • Customizable screens
  • 5-day weather forecasts

How It Works

Get an in-depth glimpse of the capabilities of the ComfortLink II Thermostat by watching a video presentation.

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Trane ComfortLink II

The ComfortLink II Thermostat is an innovative and intuitive touch-screen product that is compatible with Trane products as well as any other brand of standard central heating and air conditioning systems. It is a fully upgradeable unit, and as updates become available you'll be able to push the capabilities of your thermostat even further.

Custom Control
Bright, colorful icons guide you to every important system function
with just a simple touch.

Create heating and cooling schedules to save energy when no one is home using either guided or manual setup.
Live Weather
The thermostat uses your wireless network to gather and display live weather data, including forecasts, radar images and weather alerts.
Energy Efficient
Monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures and your system use over time to better manage energy and comfort.
Air Quality
The thermostat will remind you when filters need to be changed, and alert you if maintenance is required. The Quick Clean and Allergy Clean cycles act as a temporary boost to your air filtration.
Remote Access
Soon your ComfortLink II Thermostat will be accessible at home or by smart phone from anywhere.
Dealer Contact
If your system needs routine maintenance or repair, the thermostat can display your dealer’s contact information for greater convenience.
Digital Picture Frame
When not in use, the ComfortLink II can display a single photo or an entire slideshow. The unit also offers customizable home screens and a variety of optional bezels to match your home's style.



Managing your home's energy use is easier than ever.

Watch the video below to get a full-on live demonstration of the ComfortLink II Thermostat and all it has to offer.

Smart comfort. Total control. From anywhere.

Keep your thermostat current.

View and download the most recent software updates for your ComfortLink II Thermostat.

Perfect air in perfect harmony.

Connect your ComfortLink II Thermostat to a matched Trane system and your comfort will be amazing. Every component is designed to work in harmony with the others, optimizing your comfort and energy use over time.
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Breakthrough technology.

We're proud to say Popular Mechanics proclaimed the ComfortLink II Thermostat "One of the Most Transformative Products of 2010, " awarding it the coveted Breakthrough Award.

It has also been selected as an International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree.

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