Clear The Air, LLC


Wednesday 9th, 2015

Our 13 year old unit wasn’t operating well. We would set the thermostat to 74 but it would get up to 80 in our home during the day and our unit was running 24/7. After dealing with a couple of other businesses we called Justin from Clear the Air to give us a proposal for a new system. He took the time to discuss our options, explained the differences, and gave us up front pricing. He saved us money and was able to have the new system installed 2 days later. The install took 6 hours and within 2 hours of completion our home was cooling to the set temperature. The installation team was fast, thorough, and very conscientious of protecting our home from damage. The quality check technician, Pete, was great, as are their customer service people in the office. We will definitely be using only Clear the Air from now on and will recommend them to all our friends, family and neighbors.