Jackson Air Conditioning & Heating


Wednesday 9th, 2015

They were excellent.  They replaced the air conditioning system outside and in, since then they have come out several times to inspect the system.  They were recommended by another neighbor.  They are specific dealers for Trane air conditioners.  Not every A/C person can install Trane, so that’s one of the reasons why I chose with them because I wanted a Trane unit. They took out my old air conditioner and put a new one in all one day.  They installed a new unit and it has been working beautifully and I love it.  They even re-routed some of my air conditioning ducts to balance the air in my home.  I just felt like I found a great contractor.  I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. They were very professional.  This is a family owned business – father and son.  The workers were very kind.  I called them and somebody came to inspect it right away.  In Texas air conditioner is paramount because of the intense heat, especially in the summer months.  These guys are top rated.  I have had others ask me about their services.  The price was reasonable.